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I love nothing more than an intriguing picture that has the ability to titillate the mind.

Michael Hughes is a brilliant photographer who loves creating mind blowing illusions, in various settings around the globe.

Checkout of this cool photo gallery of his very best work.

Get to know Michael Hughes over at

Orange Sculptures 0


Yesterday we features some really neat works of art made from using eggs, and today we'll show you yet another delicious breakfast food, turned in to art, but this time on a much larger scale.

Checkout these awesome pictures of huge orange sculptures.

Art With Eggs 0


Not only are eggs a delicious breakfast treat and vital ingredient in many of your favorite desserts, they also can serve as a pretty cool ingredient for a brilliant work of art.

Whether its simply a creative design in the skillet, or some extravagant egg creation, its always fun to work with eggs.

Pictures of egg artwork.

Cave Castle In Slovenia 0

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Looking for an adventure? Well i have the perfect destination for you and your fellow journeymen.

One of the absolutely most amazing and strategically positioned castles in the world in located in southwestern Slovenia, near Postojna.

Predjama Castle is truly unique, largely due to its brilliant construction into the high side of a natural rocky arch in the stone mountain, well positioned on the edge of a cliff, with access to the cave.

The lowest of the four level castle is water filled, with the river following beneath, called the Lovka.

Painted Cats 0

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Do you ever get tired of your cats plain jane fur coat, or perhaps you wanna get them all dressed up for a big event?

The possibilities are endless and its perfectly safe for the cat, if you use non toxic water based dyes, kinda like Easter eggs. (Never use real paint! And better yet, never try this at home!)

Have a look at these amazingly cool cats, with creatively painted coats.

Search "Why Paint Cats" for more information.

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