Computer Toilet Terminology 0

Having trouble leaning all that wacky computer lingo? Well just follow this simply bathroom comparison graph, and you'll be well on your way to backing up those input logs...

Rabbit Drinking Beer 0


Do you own a rabbit whose been driven to drinking, after enduring years of carrot abuse? Call the helpline at...

He may look all cute and peaceful now, but just wait until he realized that's the last one...

Giant Muffin Billboard 0


When your average 80x40 advertising billboard isn't getting enough attention, try bringing the idea to life, like they did with this humongous giant muffin.

And to think, this is how people would advertise their products before the internet came around...

Stealing A Drink 0

Sometimes you just can't resist from taking a quick sip from an unattended beverage, however this guy went all special ops for taste of liquid courage.

However from the looks of things, it may have been an inside job, that's right lady, we see you tilting!

Microsoft Staff In 1978 0


This is an actual Microsoft staff photo which was taken on December 7, 1978 in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Just think, these poorly grown men and two women have totally revolutionized our way of living.

Bad eBay Deal 0


People always say the devils in the details, however its absolutely essential to read the small print while buying stuff on eBay. Lest your collecting empty boxes.

I'm With Stupid Flag T-Shirt 0

Just close your eyes, click your heals twice and say flux-capacitor three times fast, and all the shame will wash away...

Mean Dog Scares Cute Puppy 0


They say to "never wake a sleeping giant", perhaps that saying applies to large sleeping dogs with giant fangs as well.

Fat Chicks Sign 1

First they targeted hard working Mexicans and now their targeting devoted fat chicks? What is this shameful world coming to...

Paint Attack or Giant Pigeon? 0


What we have here is: A. The worlds largest pigeon refusing to go peacefully. B: Casting calls for low budget star wars remake.

Pillow Arm Companion 0


Having a hard time getting through those lonely nights, while your loved one is away?

Slow Moving Fast Car 0

Once again we see another high priced imported automobile moving at a very slow pace, or wait, is this a race?

A&W Restaurant Sign Goof 0

This is actually a tremendous deal, much better than the offer over at Burger King.

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