Funny Fake Lottery Tickets 0

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Someone told me lottery tickets were a safe investment...

Sleazebag License Plate 0

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Some things are better left unsaid, unless being a sleazebag is an attribute where you're from...

Pool Safety Tactic 0


This was truly a great idea that will surely grab the attention of both adults and children alike.

Helium Balloon Rides 2

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Meet the newest extreme sport... Helium Balloon Rides.
Hold on tight and let the wind do the rest.

Bologna Politics 0

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Sometimes its better to not question the government...

Bad Costumes 0

And the award for worst Star Wars costumes goes to....Take your pick!

Girlfriend Pillowcase 0

Sometimes you get lonely, so its always good to plan ahead with the girlfriend pillow.

Times Are Changing 0


The 21st century is upon us... Did you bring you're cell phone?

Nelson Mandela Air Freshener 0


So i guess you can, cash in on freedom...

Gorilla Playing Saxophone 0


I guess when all the clowns are booked, you gotta have other options.

Funny Missing Bike Flyer 0

This kid got his bike stolen and felt inspired to make this priceless flyer.

Gutter Speech 0

What a clever work of art this is, i found this to be very intriguing.
Lets call it the "Gutter Speech".

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