Keep Out or Enter 0

It's simple jokes like this that have kept the Simpson's around for two decades, and still going strong.

IE6 Pie Chart 0


Internet Explorer 6 is so old...[Insert Joke HERE]

Emo Slit Wrists 0

For those of you who are planning on going Emo for Halloween this year...Try these delightful slit wrists accessories.

Chuck Norris Pets Vet 0

One would not think Chuck Norris' pets need to visit an animal hospital, seeing how Chuck possess healing properties.

Yamaha 1980's Keyboard Advertisement 0


What we have here is an funny advertisement of a 1980's yamaha electric keyboard, but noticed the sweet dance moves on display.

You simply can't find people this hip anymore.

Optical Illusion Spiral 0


These things are mind boggling to say the least.

Refrigerator Haikus 0

You know what they say about a running refrigerator...

Toilet Target Game 0

For some people, going to the bathroom is a more like a game of target.

Wolverine Wannabe 0


If imitation is the best form of flattery then Hugh Jackman must be blushing at this wolverine wannabe.

Bike Sound System 0

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This is the perfect setup for one of those "When I was a kid" stories parents love to tell.

Rusty Kuntz 0


Starting in left field for the visiting Minnesota Twins "Rusty Kuntz"! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Archeology Methods 1


Over the years Indiana Jones has brought some exciting publicity to the archeology scene, but lets see how those methods stack up to an actual archeologist.

Emo Ketchup Fail 1

These new wave emo kids are trying too hard, and doing it all wrong...

Face in Food 0

BBQ ribs are not only delicious, they also might save your soul..

Guard Dog With Gun 0

Its important to remember that if you have a guard dog, he needs his medication everyday or you will have to take his gun away.

3D Street Art Gallery 5

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Checkout these amazing works of art by Kurt Wenner, he has fully mastered a truly unique style of creative expression. Known as "Street Art" or Sidewalk Art".

Kurt Wenner has combined traditional street painting techniques together with his interest in classical art, to create an art form all his own. Many of the images use anamorphic techniques as well as trompe l'oeil, in order to create a world where fantasy and reality combine.

Enjoy these great painting pics below.

Visit Kurt Wenner @

Health Care Solution 0


While congress is racking they're brains trying to sort out a universal health care system that works, the average American continues suffer...

Lucky the solution has arrived just in time, and we don't even need the government for this one.

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