Bottles House 0

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Checkout this amazing architectural feat, of a house made from empty clear glass bottles.

Looks cool, but can it brave the elements of the seasons?

Street Prank Illusions 0

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Feast your eyes on this super creative form of artwork by Mark Jenkins (Stroker).

Mark constructs these amazing sculptures purely from packaging tape, then places them in various settings on well traveled public streets.

These futuristic creations are sure to have you looking twice, before you cross them.

Chopper Bicycles 3

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If you are not able to dish out the money for a real chopper bike, don't worry, you can always settle for one of these cheap substitute, chopper bicycles.

These super cool engine-less chopper bikes scream, respect!

Enjoy these photos below.

Newspaper Monster Man 0

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Feast you eyes on the newspaper monster, he just sits in alleyways on the rough side of town, waiting, waiting for his moment to strike...

If you ever happen to run into this monster of half newspaper, i hope you have a match handy.

Pimped Japanese Trucks 0

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Here we have some super cool pimped out trucks, brought to you by the Japanese culture.

These vehicles kinda look like Transformers on acid! Am i right people?

Japanese Manhole Cover Artwork 1

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Leave it to the Japanese to take a seemingly worthless object, such as a manhole cover, and turn it into a piece of artwork.

Talk about turning a lemons into lemonade!

Enjoy the beautifully painted artwork on these Japanese manhole covers.

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