Color Blind Mental Disorder Test 1

I can remember when these color blind test were used strictly for vision purposes, it now appears they can diagnose metal disorders.

Funny Photoshop Movie Scene Pictures 3

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Have you ever imagined you're favorite movie scenes a little differently than how they appear on the big screen. Well with the help of Photoshop this is now a reality.

Enjoy these funny scenes from blockbuster films.

Funny Barack Obama Photoshop Pictures 1

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Checkout these hilarious Barack Obama pictures with added funny, thanks to an amazing little web app named Photoshop .

Emo Image
Barack Smoking

Obama Matrix Photo

Tickle Me Obama

Sarah Palin/Barack Obama Hybrid

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Amy Winehouse History Slideshow 1


Here is a quick look at the history of Amy Winehouse in the form of pictures, from innocence to destruction...

Food Art Pictures 0

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Once upon a time, food was thought only as a essential resource for survival, but those days have come and gone, now we have artwork in the form of food. Enjoy these neat pictures.

Tough Guy Challenge 2009 0


The bi-annual Tough Guy Challenge, held in Wolverhampton, England, is quite possibly the manliest of all manly man competitions. Featuring knee-deep mud, ice cold water, barbed wire, fire and the possibility of death or serious bodily harm, you have to be insanely tough, or extremely deranged, to compete in this race.

And here are the results below.

The crowned champion is JAMES M. APPLETON 23 years of age who finished the course in 1 hour and 18 minutes and 34 seconds, just narrowly beating PAUL VINCENT JONES age 39, who finished in 1 hour nineteen minutes and twelve seconds.

Girls And Tattoos 2


You may have heard that tattoos are taking the world by storm and they are almost as common as a simple piercing of the ear.

And now they are not only for burly imprisoned male inmates...

Beautiful women have truly embraced the artwork that is tattoos.
Enjoy these pictures of great tattoos seen on lovely ladies.

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