Head Balancing 0

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Meet John Evans, the famous Guinness world record holder of head balancing.

When it comes to balancing things on your head, John Evans is an absolute professional, he has done it all, a piano, flaming barrel, boat, bricks, bottles, and people, among other amazing objects.

Visit John @ his website - headbalancer.com

Bottle Caps Fish Art 0


Don't throw those old bottle caps away, save them for a rainy day and get creative.

Watch this step by step picture guide to making a neat fish, out of bottle caps.

Turning garbage into art is fun!

Sushi Food Art 0


Sometimes playing with your food can lead to a creative and enlightening meal, just checkout these great little masterpieces made from sushi.

Its not exactly Picasso, but still pretty darn cool.

Sushi Food Artwork

Cool Prototype Bikes 0


Get a load of these new exciting motorcycle prototypes, which are being designed as we speak.

These pictures will surely have all you bike enthusiasts chomping at the bit, for a taste of these sweet rides.

South Korean Military Training 0

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Checkout these behind the scenes pictures of the rigorous and frigid snow training of the south Korean military.

Because you never know when the Russians might get an itchy trigger...

Ice Chess in Russia 0

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When you live in one of the coldest countries in the entire world, you begin to enjoy the bitterly cold days and embrace to possibilities.

This brings us to the annual chess game in Moscow Russia, where they carve huge ice blocks into chess pieces.

What a beautiful sight to see.

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